Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Ultimate Frisbee Discs are discs that are intended for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee (aka Ultimate) and manufactured by Wham-O. Ultimate discs are any discs used for the sport of Ultimate. Regulations for the discs enforce the weight of the disc to be 175g. The approval rating for the discs are determined by user testing by experienced players. The most commonly used Ultimate discs are the Discraft Ultra-Stars. Other Ultimate discs include the Wham-O Frisbee Disc, and Innova Pulsar disc.

Ultimate Frisbees...


Ultimate Frisbees

Ultimate Frisbees were the original circularly molded plastic used for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. In 1981 Discraft introduced a new mold call the Ultra-Star ultimate disc. 10 years later the Ultra-Star disc was named the official disc of the Ultimate Players Association, now known as USA Ultimate. Ultimate Frisbee Discs are still produced and used today for recreational non-completive and pick-up games but the Ultra-Star is used for the majority of competitions and official tournaments. Innova produced a mold for Ultimate called the Pulsar and in 2013 Major League Ultimate (MLU) chose this disc to be the official disc of the MLU and is used in all MLU sanctioned Ultimate games.